The Art of Kxandra also known as “Kxandra”  photography studio is a team around photographer Angel Marti who does far more than just conveying the ineffable. Angel Marti has worked towards defining his own style, honing his skills, and expanding his experience, which enabled him having his own vision of photography.
Angel Marti frequently works in collaboration with other professionals, Models, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Florists, Designers and Fashionistas to keep growing.
His images are coined by a wide range of influences that still manage to accumulate to form one harmonic overall picture. He is influenced by past and present style; whenever he shoots he likes to create stories with an underlying sense of narrative, whether this is in his personal work, or editorial projects. He is deeply inspired by elements of influential style, old masters in painting and photographers, movies and untouched beauty.  His experiences in life fuel his imagination and continue shaping his personal view reflected thorough the images.
Editorial Project on Location, drop me a message for further details.
33 seconds – Striking Faces, Personal Project. Photos should be taken in just few seconds. No time to play-act, taken on natural pose. The only thing that counts is that brief moment with no previous knowledge of each other and no emotional connection. Portraits will capture such spontaneous, intense and uncontrived photos.  Images will be uploaded on this website or publish in connection with the project
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